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Our mission is simple: to deliver the most effective representation to consumers and small business in high stakes litigation.

You don’t have to be a multinational conglomerate for the law to present huge challenges. Courtroom battles often mean squaring off against corporate giants, the Government, big law firms, and outsized budgets. Gaming the system, the giants predictably drag out the process and drive up the costs—all to make you give up, (or never fight in the first place) even when the law is on your side.

Thats where we come in.

We’re not interested in fighting for fighting’s sake or using the courts to manage cash flow. We’re about solutions. We care about the little guy, champion the underdog, and root for David. And when it comes to lawsuits, we level the playing field—enforcing our clients’ rights, protecting their interests, and taking the giants head on.


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Excellent attorneys. Hard working and get the job done! I enjoy working with both Patrick and Steven.”


 – Co-Counsel 




Whether you’re  a consumer being treated unfairly by a big company or a small business owner looking to avoid litigation altogether, we’re here to help.


Consumer Litigation &   Small Business Consulting

Consumer Litigation &   Class Action

Woodrow & Peluso LLC

have successfully litigated and settled numerous class actions challenging violations of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, Fair Credit Reporting Act, and other consumer statutes.


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