Case Study 1

Case Studies

Woodrow Peluso

  • _Tech Instruments, Inc. v. Eurton Electric Inc_.
1:16-cv-02981-MSK-KMT (Krieger, C.J.) (adversarial class certification
granted under for transmission of junk faxes)   •  _Bowman v. Art Van Furniture, Inc_.
2:17-cv-11630-NGE-RSW (Edmunds, J.) (granting final approval to all in, non-reversionary settlement fund of $5,875,000 in pre-recorded message case); •  _Wendell H. Stone & Co. v. LKQ Corporation_.
16-cv-07648 (N.D. Ill.) (Kennelly, J.) (granting final approval to
all-in, non-reversionary, settlement fund of $3,266,500) •  _Martin et al. v. Global Marketing Research Services Inc_.
6:14-cv-1290-ORL-31-KRS   (M.D. FL) (Woodrow & Peluso appointed
co-lead Settlement Class Counsel in settlement creating $10,000,000 common fund for class of 688,500 cellphone users); •  _Mendez v. Price Self Storage Management, Inc_.
3:15-cv-02077-AJB-JLB (S.D. CA)    (Woodrow & Peluso appointed co-lead
Settlement Class Counsel in TCPA settlement providing option of $750 cash or $1,100 in storage certificates) ; •  _Sherry Brown and Ericka Newby v. Rita’s Water Ice_.
Franchise Company, LLC_, 2:15-cv-03509-TJS (E.D. PA) (“all in” non-reversionary $3,000,000 settlement fund for text messages); •  _Morris et al v. SolarCity, Inc_.
3:15-cv-05107 (N.D.CA) (JPA with counsel on $15 million common fund TCPA settlement). •  _Gergetz v. Telenav, Inc_. 
3:16-cv-04261 (N.D. CA)