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Consumer Litigation & Class Action


Let’s face it: In today’s marketplace, the deck is stacked against the consumer. From unauthorized charges to unlawful background checks to harassing cellphone calls, big businesses rarely take the time to care about your particular issue. When complaints go ignored, that’s where we come in. Using class actions and other consumer strategies, our attorneys make corporate giants listen. Take a look below at some of our investigations. And if you think you have a class issue that isn’t listed, just give us a ring.

 • Credit Repair Services

We have experience going after credit repair companies that violate federal law. We also help consumers with fixing their own credit (see Disclosures regarding your rights under the Credit Repair Organizations Act). If you have credit issues, contact us.

 • Fair Debt Collection Practices

Getting harassing collections calls? The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act protects you from debt collectors who make any false or misleading statement when trying to collect. This includes misrepresenting the amount owed and the ability to repossess your property. Contact us if you’re being harassed.

 • Foreclosures and Loan Modifications

No one wants to face foreclosure, but if you find yourself without options, you shouldn’t go at it alone. Our attorneys have helped borrowers not only stay in their homes but also get loan modifications and other workouts. If you’ve fallen behind or are underwater, contact us.

 • Wage & Hour

Have you been denied wages you worked for and earned? If you’re due wages or have other employment issues, contact us for a free evaluation..

 • Landlord/Tenant

Landlord/Tenant. Whether you’re a landlord with a problem tenant or a tenant with an overbearing (or absent!) landlord, don’t act without knowing your rights. Our office has represented parties on both sides and understand the challenges faced by landlords and tenants alike. Call us TODAY for a free consultation.

 • Banking and Financial Services

Our attorneys have substantial experience fighting for the rights of borrowers and consumers who’ve been injured by their banks and financial institutions. Our clients have successful challenged unlawful HELOC suspension policies (restoring billions in credit) and abusive loan modification practices (both HAMP and proprietary modifications). We’ve also represented consumers seeking to recover misappropriated Bitcoins in relation to the collapse of exchange formerly known as Mt. Gox. Contact us if you have a banking or mortgage issue.

 • Background Checks (“FCRA”)

Have you been denied a job or had a hard time getting hired because of your background check or credit? You have rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (“FCRA”), a federal law that entitles you to money when it’s broken by employers—which unfortunately happens frequently. Employers must provide specific disclosures before running a background check AND before taking action based on the report. If you’ve been refused a job, contact us today.

 • Cellphone Robocalls, Fax Spam and Text Spam (“TCPA”)

While some phone calls are simply annoying, other calls—like autodialed calls to cellphones and faxes without permission—violate the federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act. Our firm’s attorneys have helped restore millions of dollars to consumers who’ve received unlawful calls through class action litigation. If you’ve received spam messages, contact us today.